Some Friday Encouragement

October 30, 2009

  I admit when it comes to politics and social/political/scientific issues, I am a bit of a curmudgeon. Perhaps this is because one truth that informs my beliefs is that humans are essentially sinful, and that truth should inform our policies and views. The lack of understanding this truth has led to much misery in the world.

 That being said, other truths inform my beliefs – one being that all people, being made in God’s image, have inherent worth and value. The other is that God desires to display believers, corruptible weak vessels that we are, His incredible love to humanity.

 To that I have two videos – one of which is from a piece on Good Morning America this morning. The second is from a center in Kenya which serves disabled children. I am very blessed to know both families in these videos, and humbled by their great service. Well, take a look for yourselves: 

The first video is from Good Morning America this morning, and it’s an amazing  story about some friends of ours, Jay and Beth Loecken:

Next, Tracey Hagman with Heshima Childrens Center in a slum in Nairobi, Kenya, called Ngando:

Interestingly, Jay and Beth were inspired by Eric and Tracey during a mission trip to Africa (which my wife and I have also been on). I was priviledged to know both couples, when we attended the same church. What strikes me about them both though is that they weren’t what I would would consider the stereotypical ‘missionary’ types – the were both realtively ordinary ordinary folks living fairly comfortable successful lives, who decided, with no little sacrifice, too obey God’s calling of a life of service and sacrifice.

As tempted as I am to comment further, I think their lives speak for themselves.