Global Warming, the Comedy

Based in the number of times climate change scientists have been caught with their pants down lately, it is tempting to think they were the inspiration for the ephemeral ditty “Pants on the ground”. A brief listing of their recent high jinks:

Hid Data flaws

Exaggerated the retreat of Himalayan glaciers

Conspired to silence dissenting views

Top it all off with a climate change leader who apparently spends his spare time writing racy, semi-autobiographical fiction, and you have all the makings of the script of a Cohen brother film. What you don’t have is the kind of solid research necessary to warrant sweeping authoritarian legislation and the development of international governing bodies to regulate and oversee the American economy.

Personally I never had a qualm with the idea that the climate is changing, or that humans might play a role in that change. But I was (and still am) skeptical that this reality demanded the solutions suggested by global warming advocates. Now I’m not only deeply skeptical of the proposed solutions, but I question whether there is any reason to believe the problem exists at all.

Over the course of the last several years those who questioned the research were berated as ‘deniers’ and the claim was made that the science was no longer debatable. One lesson we need to learn going forward is that if it is truly a matter of science, then the findings should always be debatable – and those unwilling to debate the issue aren’t practicing science at all.


One Response to Global Warming, the Comedy

  1. Bettawrekonize says:

    I do think that we need to be careful to take care of the environment, and not take for granted the idea that we can’t possibly negatively influence the environment, and I think you even agree with that.

    Unfortunately, just like with anything else, politics will play a role when it comes to these issues and people, politicians, and corporations will try to use the environment as a pretext for one group of people to control another group of people in a way that unfairly benefits one group over others even though the true reason and implications have little to do with the environment. and where there is incentive to do this, there is incentive for fraud and this will likely create fraud (ie: the EPA may ban an unpatented product that is not so bad for the environment because some group with a patented replacement, that’s even worse for the environment but no research was taken to ensure its environmental safety, lobbied for it).

    Unfortunately the environment might end up suffering as a result of politics.

    A: Instead of trying to research the actual environmental impact of our actions on the planet earth and collecting data, special interest groups may end up fabricating data, which will distort our view of the truth, in ways that unfairly benefit them. and this could lead to policies that are worse for the environment.

    B: With all this fraud that may go on, this will generate mistrust for groups that are truly concerned about the environment and about collecting legitimate information in an effort to ensure we are not destroying it.

    I think that taking care of our environment is important but we must be very careful to reduce the effects of politics when it comes to environmental research and research on how humans affect the environment.

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