Obamacare Logic applied to Jobs

As I have thought more about our recently passed Healthcare legislation, and wondered about the justification for passing it, I considered whether the logic with which it was constructed could also be applied to other critical needs our country has, like job creation.

After all, up to 15 million people are without jobs, and the lack of a job creates numerous problems in a person’s life like potential bankruptcy, loss of a home, food, status, wealth, and of course health care. So a job is obviously as critical a need as health insurance, perhaps more so, though I am not sure our President would agree based on recent actions.

Nonetheless, if we accept the importance of a job to the average American citizen, then it becomes imperative the government act to provide jobs, as it is now well established the government exists primarily to provide for our personal needs. Given that, the question becomes, “How should the government do this?” and to that end our current health care plan is instructive. Below are a series of solutions based on what we have learned from the HealthCare debate.

  1. We must first start with the understanding that almost all business owners who employ people do so to selfishly make ‘profits’. Profits are those monies which could be going toward creating more jobs, but instead are going directly to enrich the business owners. This practice must stop, and the government must mandate that all funds beyond those needed to insure the basic operation of a business must go toward job creation.
  2. Many people are denied jobs because of pre-existing conditions, like lack of skills or ambition; this creates an ever growing pool of unemployed persons. With the passage of this legislation, employers will no longer be able take away or deny a job simply because an employee can’t or won’t do the work.
  3. The government understands that many business owners fail to provide jobs or keep employees because the costs are just too high. Therefore if an employer cannot provide an actual job, they need only pay the government $2000 for every employee they should be hiring, to pay for jobs the government must create.
  4. Because jobs are hard for many people to find, we are requiring states to set up ‘job exchanges’ where groups of employers can be brought together so potential employees can choose which job they want.
  5. Because it is often young people who suffer joblessness, they will not be required to find a job until they are 26, and their parent’s employers will pay for their living expenses until that time.
  6. For those who fall between the cracks, and cannot find a job otherwise, the government will create a fun and exciting job for those persons to do.

There ya go – Obama solutions applied to the intractable problem of high unemployment. Look for it in the next legislative year.


3 Responses to Obamacare Logic applied to Jobs

  1. Bettawrekonize says:

    “Many people are denied jobs because of pre-existing conditions, like lack of skills or ambition”

    While I don’t necessarily agree with universal health care and the bill that passed (I have mixed feelings), the difference here is that a lack of skills or ambition is or can be, at least in part, a result of choices. A pre – existing medical condition can be (but doesn’t necessarily have to be) genetic or a result of unpredictable/uncontrollable circumstance.

  2. Bettawrekonize says:

    BTW, your blog offers no method to PM you?

  3. Bettawrekonize says:

    What about a law that allows the government to decide, at least in part, what jobs survive and which ones don’t?


    This is communism.

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