Increasingly Intolerant Europe

One of the inevitable effects of equating a lifestyle choice with an inherent aspect of a person (their race, sex, or physical disability) in the eyes of the law is the growth of intolerance toward those who think differently. This truth was startlingly displayed recently when an American Christian missionary was arrested in Glasgow, Scotland for, well, doing what all Christian missionaries are supposed to do – preach the gospel:

A STREET preacher has prompted concerns over religious freedom in Scotland after being fined £1,000 for telling passers-by in Glasgow city centre that homosexuals deserved the “wrath of God” and would go to hell.

Shawn Holes admitted breaching the peace earlier this month by “uttering homophobic remarks” that were “aggravated by religious prejudice”.

The American Baptist, who was touring Britain with colleagues, was arrested by police while responding to questions from people in Sauchiehall Street on 18 March.

Holes, 47, from New York State, when asked his views on gay people, said: “Homosexuals are deserving of the wrath of God – and so are all other sinners – and they are going to a place called hell.”

The arrest was the result of a new law there equating homosexuality with race and being disabled:

New legislation introduced last week increased the penalties available for people convicted of “hate crimes” against groups such as gay and disabled people to the same level as race crimes.

Shawn Hole acknowledged later that he had little choice but to kotow to the Scottish authorities:

Holes said he had no choice but to admit the charge at Glasgow Sheriff Court because he was desperate to fly home to see his wife, and his father, who is in a hospice. However, he said he had expected to be fined only about £100.

It is more than sad that the country that produced the likes of John Knox, Samuel Rutherford, David Livingstone and Eric Liddell has become so intolerant and immoral that it cannot even discern the difference between the truth of the gospel, and a ‘hate crime’ – but this is the corruptive force of progressivism on the human mind and society.

We are often assured in our own country that the adoption of the same legislation will have no bearing on our essential freedoms – the facts show otherwise.


12 Responses to Increasingly Intolerant Europe

  1. jackhudson says:

    Well no, in this case there is no discrimination going on, merely a moral claim about homosexuals based on their behavior (behavior incidentally that the speaker makes clear is no better or worse than any other immoral behavior).

    Because the law in this case has equated homosexuals as a group to other groups with inherent physical characteristics, the speaker was arrested on a ‘hate speech’ charge. This is contrary to fundamental rights to free speech, and in practice fascistic.

  2. jackhudson says:

    I’m not arguing whether it was discrimination or not. The point is that the law does not say homosexuality is like being disabled. If it did, then it would also equate race with being disabled because your only basis is that the new legislation brings penalties for gay hate crimes to the same level as race hate crimes. Since it also brings penalties for disabled hate crimes to that level, your argument necessary concludes that being a race is like being disabled.

    I am not saying the law says being disabled is like homosexuality. You completely misread the post. I said, “One of the inevitable effects of equating a lifestyle choice with an inherent aspect of a person (their race, sex, or physical disability) in the eyes of the law “– in other words it grouped them together when considering whether something was ‘hate speech’, that is speech about sexual orientation as well as speech about the disabled or those of a particular race. I am not saying the law sees being homosexual the same as being disabled or of a particular race, I am saying it treats all of those alike as inherent conditions about which someone cannot says particular things.

    And this particular law violates all notions of free speech and free exercise of religion – a sad thing for a modern Western European country to be doing.

  3. jackhudson says:

    The law has nothing to do with discrimination; I am not sure where you see agreement, you aren’t even in the right ballpark enough to be wrong or right.

  4. jackhudson says:

    No, the law being discussed here is not dealing with discrimination at all but with speech. I am not sure why you keep missing this.

  5. jackhudson says:

    Exactly. Nothing to do with ‘discrimination’.

  6. jackhudson says:

    No, discrimination involves excluding people based on certain characteristics, hate speech laws concern disparaging certain protected classes. While they are related in terms of the fact that they deal with classifications of people, hate speech is not a crime of discrimination.

    And in this case, the law is wrong because it penalizes someone for an opinion about behavior, as well as abrogating religious liberties, and anyone who cares about free speech should be appalled that such laws exist in a modern Western country, a point you seem to be avoiding by arguing over law you misunderstand.

  7. Bettawrekonize says:

    What about how the U.S. is becoming increasingly intolerant.

  8. jackhudson says:

    What about how the U.S. is becoming increasingly intolerant.

    Well, if in fact that happened, it’s certainly criminal and should be dealt with accordingly – but quite different than a law that intentionally represses speech or the expression of one’s religious beliefs.

  9. jackhudson says:

    Do you want to keep editing my posts or do you want me to post the draft I currently have saved which expands on why you’re editing?

    I edit so the readers don’t have to wade through filthy language and personal attacks. There is language I don’t allow here Michael and if you don’t like it, either don’t post here or find a way to express yourself that doesn’t include filth or personal attacks. I always leave the language that contains whatever point you seem to try to be making in between the garbage.

    I personally don’t care what you do on your own blog, obviously there are no such standards there, and ad homs are your primary modus operandi.

  10. bZirk says:

    It’s interesting how intolerance usually slices one way. Or let me put it this way: are there any Scottish laws on the books for disparaging remarks about Christians?

  11. jackhudson says:

    I don’t know that there are, and I think in Europe especially, but increasingly in the US, the only people who actually face officially sanctioned intolerance are Christians who express themselves in accordance with their beliefs.

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