Yeah, it’s about race…

Karen McConnell, center, of Ypsilanti, asks Rick Keith, left, of Ann Arbor, why he keeps disrupting Thursday night's Tea Party protest on the University of Michigan Diag. Their heated exchange quickly evaporated.

Recently the left attempted to falsely accuse Tea Party ralliers of racist motivations and yelling racist slurs at their rallies, claims which later turned out to have no basis in fact whatsoever. I wonder what Karen McConnell, pictured above at a Ann Arbor Tea Party Rally, thinks of those claims as she is intimidated by a large, white, left wing thug?


One Response to Yeah, it’s about race…

  1. […] The problem the Left keeps running into is that the principles of the Tea Party – fiscal responsibility, a smaller, less intrusive government, keep attracting people of all races. So much so that the typical white, leftist protestor at a Tea Party rally may very well end up opposing the very people …. […]

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