Bass Ackwards

Over the weekend Joe Klein of Time magazine and friends suggested on MSNBC (where else?) that the right wing opinionators like FOX, Palin, Limbaugh, Beck, etc were ‘seditious’ in their criticism of the President. Now sedition is a pretty serious charge – in fact sedition remains a crime under US Law, though it is rarely prosecuted.

Essentially sedition is revolting or inciting others to revolt against the US government – generally as an attempt to levy war or treasonous attempts to defame a government. In practice, charges of sedition have often been used to quell decent – the south used such laws against abolitionists; later congress used such laws to attempt to quell war protests.

So it there is no little irony that now the left is making such claims to quell criticism of the current administration. I mean this is the same group who fought against the Patriot Act, claiming it was an act of authoritarianism. These are the folks who defended films about assassinating Bush on artistic grounds, and who hid behind the rubric of ‘journalism’ to undermine our anti-terrorist efforts by publishing classified documents. They base the claim of ‘sedition’ in part on the calling of the Obama administration a ‘regime’, yet they themselves used the same term numerous times against Bush. So to have them now claim that the rather mild criticisms of Obama and congress are ‘seditious’ is hypocritical at best – completely and absolutely disingenuous at worst.

‘Progressives’, who have benefitted much from the mythology that they are great defenders of civil liberties and free expression, are increasingly showing that like the pigs of Orwell’s of Animal Farm, they believe free expression is for everyone – except those who aren’t Progressives.

7 Responses to Bass Ackwards

  1. bZirk says:

    We always knew they were disingenuous.

    I almost wish charges would be brought against someone. It would be the perfect lightening rod for conservatives.

  2. bZirk says:

    And some moderates too.

  3. jackhudson says:

    This is true – though for now it appears the administration is smart enough just to encourage the suggestion of sedition in the press in hopes it will demonize it’s opponents. At least enough to help a few Democrats get re-elected in November.

  4. […] gone too far down this road to turn back now. And as the Progressives now in power actually hate opposition expressed in word and print more than they do the actual harm and degradation of animals and humans, there is little hope of […]

  5. NewEnglandBob says:

    Like “Lock and Load” is not seditious…LOL

    Like Michelle Bachmann telling people to not pay their taxes is not seditious….LOL

  6. jackhudson says:

    Yes, freely expressing oneself is not seditious. How progressives got to be seen as the party of free expression, I will never know.

  7. NewEnglandBob says:

    Conservative regressives deserve the terms applied “party of NO!” “me, me, me and to hell with others”.

    Conservatives have always been known as suppression of rights and expression. They also try to rewrite history and call themselves the OPPOSITE of what they really are.

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