The Tea Party Fails to be Racist, Again…

One of the recent and regular allegations by the Left against the Tea Party is that they are ‘racist’. Now this isn’t your father’s racism – you know, the sort where people actually discriminated against others based on race. No, this is the sort that expresses it self more subtly, in the form of opposition to higher taxes, overwhelming debt, and socialized medicine.

Not that the Left hasn’t tried to find incidents of actual racism – you know, as in imagined racial slurs which proved to be the product of lies by Tea Party Opponents.

The problem the Left keeps running into is that the principles of the Tea Party – fiscal responsibility, a smaller, less intrusive government, keep attracting people of all races. So much so that the typical white, leftist protestor at a Tea Party rally may very well end up opposing the very people he pretends to care about.

Now comes the latest devastating blow to the Left’s racist claim – as the New York Times reports today, a record number of blacks are running for office – as Republicans, and seeking the endorsement of the Tea Party:

“Among the many reverberations of President Obama’s election, here is one he probably never anticipated: at least 32 African-Americans are running for Congress this year as Republicans, the biggest surge since Reconstruction, according to party officials. 

But now black Republicans are running across the country — from a largely white swath of beach communities in Florida to the suburbs of Phoenix, where an African-American candidate has raised more money than all but two of his nine (white) Republican competitors in the primary.


Many of the candidates are trying to align themselves with the Tea Partiers, insisting that the racial dynamics of that movement have been overblown.”

Wow, that’s embarrassing for the Left; people of color thinking for themselves, not following the party line. The problem of course is that spurious charges of ‘racism’ are about all the Left has to stand on, since no one actually supports their policies, and they have abandoned logic and reason as a means of persuasion.

Of course such a rhetorical device doesn’t work very well when it is upper-class white leftists using it against hard working racial minorities who just want a government that allows them to succeed according to their talents, not one that pays them to be dependent.

3 Responses to The Tea Party Fails to be Racist, Again…

  1. flagheldstrong says:

    The left doesn’t care about true racism. They don’t really care about moral issues. The left is vain: all they care about is attaining power by dividing people, and inventing any means to achieve it.

  2. Bettawrekonize says:

    “The problem of course is that spurious charges of ‘racism’ are about all the Left has to stand on”

    Well, they also have to stand on the fact that they’re more transparent as well.

    Oh wait, N/M.

    “The AP looked at Freedom of Information Act requests and found that agencies are turning down FOIA requests at a much greater rate than the last administration”

    uhm… Well, they have to stand on the fact that … well, I’ll think of something.

  3. Bettawrekonize says:

    and lets not forget about the fact that their own workshop on openness was closed to the public.

    I just don’t understand it, these people promise more transparency along with a lot of other things and they don’t deliver.

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