Not So Much Alike After All

One of the major evidences offered by evolutionists for the common ancestry of humans and apes has been the many similarities between human and chimpanzee genomes. It is popular to cite a genetic similarity of 96-99%, depending on who is doing the citing. And the logic goes that if there is so much similarity, then humans and chimps must share a recent common ancestor from which they both evolved; an ancestor that had the genes they share in common.

Now I won’t get into the circularity of that argument, but the original data has changed a bit with studies of a portion of the genome not compared until recently. In a new study published in Nature called appropriately enough, Chimpanzee and human Y chromosomes are remarkably divergent in structure and gene content. Chronicled in the study is the fact that unlike previous studies of the two genomes, the Y chromosomes of the human diverges considerably from the chimpanzee chromosome – up to 30% of the chimp chromosome has no alignable counterpart on the human version. This contrasts significantly from the 1-2% difference claimed in previous studies.

Certainly researchers offer reasons for such differences in attempt to salvage the evolutionary paradigm they are acting within; but none of the differences were predicted, so all such explanations are typically ad hoc in nature.

The big question is this – if close similarity of the genomes was a sufficient basis for demonstrating evolution from a close common ancestor, do the significant and surprising differences now observed contradict that notion of evolutionary ancestry, or will evolutionists simply change the goalposts yet again?

The answer to that is not likely to be as remarkable as this finding.


One Response to Not So Much Alike After All

  1. Bettawrekonize says:

    “so all such explanations are typically ad hoc in nature.”

    Yawn *

    It’s called a postdiction. Boring. Wake me up with evolution actually makes a valid prediction. That would be interesting.

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