The Absurdity of Political Correctness

I won’t say much about the decision of the administration to kowtow to nutty Lefties by firing a scientist who was working on the oil spill because he made politically incorrect statements on his personal website, other than to suggest this should become the new motto of the Leftist fringe – “We won’t surrender our ideals for the sake of competence”


10 Responses to The Absurdity of Political Correctness

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  2. trog69 says:

    “Heckuva job, Brownie.”

    Nuff said.

  3. trog69 says:

    You seem like an intelligent person, Mr. Hudson, so why do you play the “us vs them” game, when you know full well that for every instance of “leftist idiocy” I can come up with at least as many “rightwing idiocy” examples?

    Is that your life’s ambition, to be the most ideologically slanted person you can be? Good luck with that.

  4. jackhudson says:

    I find it odd trog that as someone who spends most of his time contributing to a blog that is completely dedicated to the most rigid of ideological and political slants, it seems odd that you would see this as a negative quality.

    Nonetheless, I think firing someone for views completely unrelated to the task for which they have been hired is idiotic no matter who does it; I would criticize a conservative administration for doing the same. It just so happens that political correctness seems to be a specialty of the Left.

  5. trog69 says:

    Uh, I get your posts in my email box, so I find your explanation disingenuous.

  6. jackhudson says:

    Well, so as to not offend your email inbox I will try to refrain from unnecessary rhetorical flourishes, as difficult as it might be for me.

    Nonetheless, can’t we at least agree it is nonsensical to fire people for holding opinions completely unrelated to the task to which they are being asked to do?

  7. trog69 says:

    Well, I’m not familiar with what…oh, nevermind, I read it now. Yes, from what I gather, if he just had the usual homophobic and corporatist spin at his blog, that wouldn’t seem to me to be a firing offense in this case.

    The problem for you on the right, is of course Dubya’s insanely partisan hijinks in his two terms. C’mon, every possible agency was purged of anything approaching a modoerate slant, and rightwing ideologues were the replacements, qualifications be damned. That doesn’t even touch on the huge numbers of Liberty University law grads that were put in charge of various agencies. Nothing like religious right zealots writing regulations to keep everything above board, huh?

    You should try reading some of the non-patchouli scented blogs on the left, should you

  8. trog69 says:

    …should you wish to see how to really shred President Obama’s policy decisions. I see I’m veering way too far of topic.

  9. Bettawrekonize says:

    Someone came up with an interesting proposal that could alleviate the oil spill.

    My thoughts on what might help below

    I think the capping idea might work if implemented correctly? At first I thought of trying to put a big block or board over it (well, before they did anything I thought they should just try to put tons of sand/mud and heavy rocks/boulders or very heavy cubic bricks over it, they have very heavy cubic bricks that are made of very heavy materials that sink well, denser than regular bricks) or perhaps one giant cubic brick. but then I thought that the oil pressure might push it aside. So, much more recently, I figured maybe a certain shape would work to prevent it from being pushed aside and the shape I came up with was a pyramid type shape hollow on the inside. Then I realized that’s exactly what they already tried to use to cap it and I realized that the device they already used that I thought was silly upon looking at it the first time now actually looks well designed (only after “independently” coming up with a similar idea/design). I have little details on the cap they tried to use so I really can’t comment much on its design though or what it was intended to do or how it was intended to work.

    They apparently tried to get a pyramid type object over the spill but apparently it didn’t correctly work. What I was thinking is that they can tie each bottom corner of the pyramid cap to a long chain/cable and attach each other end of the cable to a submarine and coordinate the four submarines to direct the cap downwards into the ocean over the spill? Each chain would sink into the ocean at about a 45 degree angle, attach to a submarine, and each submarine would direct itself downwards and the submarines would cooperatively direct the object downwards on top of the oil spill. Any thoughts? I’m thinking that they can use submarines chained to some object to direct some object downwards on top of the spill.

  10. Bettawrekonize says:

    Well, someone responded on the forum that submarines are unable to withstand 1 mile water depths, so that kills that idea.

    Oh well, it was worth a shot.

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