Atheist Contradictions: Dittoheadism

The New Atheists like to portray themselves as skeptics – critical thinkers who question what others assume, denying the status quo, accepting only that which is rigorously proven through reason and scientific evidence. And it is a portrayal the world generally accepts as being true. The problem of course is when one actually reads what these folks write, and observes their interactions with each other on their blogs and discussion forums, there is actually very little skepticism to be seen – usually there is one foul mouthed leader spewing well-worn clichés, with a bunch of head-nodding acolytes affirming his (rarely ‘her’) every utterance. There is more dissension in the College of Cardinals.

In my hundreds of interactions with atheists, and strewn amongst the many posts here, I a rarely see deviation from the same pattern. I make a statement of fact or reason, some atheist pops in to derisively throw ad homs and invective at me, I respond with more reason and logic, they curse me and run back to whatever atheist headmaster sent them so they can be restored as a dittohead again. There are certainly independent atheists who can lay down a series of reasonable arguments, but the vast majorities are as unquestioning and devoted as the most strident Moonie or Scientologist. If Christians were as unquestioning in their beliefs as the New Atheists are, our churches would be filled to the point of bursting down the walls; and I am not sure that would be a good thing.

In short, the actual dittohead activity of most atheists contradicts the notion that they are skeptics and free thinkers – they are by and large as unthinking and unquestioning as the stereotypes of Christians they denounce.


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