Sheer Beauty

A work of timeless and magnificient beauty displayed wonderfully on the web – The Sistine Chapel, interactive and clear as a bell. View it on the biggest, clearest screen you can hook your computer up to.

Of course, to the atheist this is the product of delusion, ignorance, and evil – but most others will recognize it as one of the greatest works of art ever to proceed from the mind of man through the inspiration of Scripture.


2 Responses to Sheer Beauty

  1. sduford says:

    Actually most of us atheist can appreciate such beauty just fine. I love visiting cathedrals or listening to great classical works inspired by religion. But because something has the power to greatly inspire mankind, doesn’t make it true. There are many other myths, religions, superstitions, dogmas and ideologies that have inspired great things.

    When I visited the Vatican a few years ago I had chills going up my spine because of the beauty and grandeur of it. But at the same time, I couldn’t help think that this was a monument to excess and greed, and an obscene display of wealth by a church who’s majority of followers live in poverty. Totally not in line with the supposed teaching of Jesus.

    I currently live in Panama where people are very poor and very Catholic. These poor people who can barely feed, clothe, shelter and educated their kids have to scrape their pockets to put a bit of paint on their windowless church. Meanwhile the church’s kings live in obscene richness and sit on something like $250B. Obscene, simply obscene.

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