Occasionally someone on the Left will attempt to make the point that because most people support some sorts of regulation of corporations (pollution control laws, safety requirements, etc) that free markets cannot exist. This notion is as absurd as saying civil liberties like free speech and press don’t truly exist because we have laws against theft and murder. The necessity of an ordered liberty does not mean liberty does not exist – in fact liberty can’t exist absent the rule of law.


2 Responses to Observations

  1. Bettawrekonize says:

    I agree. So then, are you pro anti pollution laws? Now, I’m not asking whether or not you think the current anti pollution laws make sense either, you might argue they don’t and are politics based and not science based (ie: to help Al Gore and “research” groups, like those from climategate, make money), but in general, are you pro anti pollution laws and pro environmental protection and pro conducting scientific research on how humans affect the environment and how we can avoid negatively impacting the environment? Are you willing for laws to exist that require individuals and corporations to make economical and other sacrifices to help protect the environment?

  2. jackhudson says:

    I am strongly anti-pollution (I don’t know anyone who is pro-pollution 🙂 ) and I believe there should be strong penalties on companies and corporations who do harm to others property and damage or squander natural resources. However, I think this is different than much current regulatory law which attempts to make vague predictions about the future activities of corporations and restricts them in anticipation of potential problems. I think this leads to an overly burdensome and economically damaging and intrusive government policy. Unfortunately, most of our regulatory law is of the latter sort rather than the former.

    However, I think our environmental problems are not primarily business related, but lifestyle related. Wrong attitudes and bad moral choices are much more damaging in the end than the oil spill in the Gulf, which is really just a symptom of a a society sold out to ease, convenience, and material accumulation.

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