Low Hanging Fruit

I generally try to comment on the stronger arguments of atheists and the Left, because in dismissing their stronger arguments one deals with the philosophy as a whole. But more often than not, something stupid and silly gets said that is so easily dealt with that the energy required to do so is so low that it would be wrong not to take it on; such a thing was said as part of a rant against Rep. Joe Barton recently:

 “In fact, one of the few free market economies – Hong Kong – has only been able to experience any success because of the supporting structure of communist China. On their own, free markets will fail. If they don’t, the well-being of the people subjected to the whims of the few who become powerful will come under greater and greater strain over time.”

 Hong Kong of course isn’t a creation of ‘communist China’, it was a creation of the British Empire, only to be ceded to China in 1997. China only began to have any economic growth and stability when it began to abandon its communist economy and adopt more free market policies. Of course it remains an incredibly repressive place, but this has little to do with its economics. Hong Kong was successful long before China had any control over it – and China has largely let it be, because it is in China’s best interest to do so.

 None of this has anything to do with the author’s main point, which appears to be “I Don’t Like Joe Barton, Or Republicans, or Capitalism!” – but does go to show how little of that point is based on fact or history.


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