It strikes me as undeniable that of all the subjects humans contemplate, the nature and existence of God is the most profound, the most interesting. Even atheists inadvertently acknowledge this to be true – after all, if not for their commentary on God, would anyone but a small esoteric group of persons even care what Richard Dawkins, PZ Myers, and Jerry Coyne had to say on any other subject?

Even in their denial of His existence, they are hangers-on to His greatness.


2 Responses to Observations

  1. Craig says:

    “A small group of people” like best-selling books lists everywhere in the free world.

    You can’t make atheism disappear with propaganda.

  2. jackhudson says:

    I think you missed the point – the reason they attract a wider audience is because they discusss a subject with wide appeal; the nature and existence of God. If they didn’t broach that subject, their audiences would be considerably smaller. They only are notable as critics of greatness, not because they have done anything exceptional.

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