Where’s Jack?

In paradise. Well, of the earthly sort. I spent the last several days exporing the wonder of Glacier National Park, and have generaly been out of range of any networks (yeah nature!). I will be spending the next couple of days working my way slowly east through the Badlands. Hope to post something of interest by early next week; including a few pictures.


2 Responses to Where’s Jack?

  1. There’s a really good family hike just down the road from the visitor’s center. It starts out with a steep little incline, but once you’re over that it is mostly flat.

    Also, don’t be afraid to walk off the trails that bring you by the more dramatic landscapes with all the cracked and striped domes. That’s where I found the oreodont fossil that is my site’s current banner.

  2. Jack Hudson says:

    We did the High Line trail, the Sun Rift Gorge, and the trail to Hidden Lake, as well as a lot of climbing on the glaciers, and a little rock climbing. I kept my eye open for fossils, but no luck. I got my dinosaur fix in N. Dakota a bit. Pictures forthcoming when I get a chance. I have been uploading some to facebook but don`t know how to do that here by phone.

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