“One side believes it possesses an infallible book written by an omnipotent author with a huge beard which completely explains the dynamics all living things on earth. The other side believes in the literal truth of the Bible.”

Alex Golub on Darwin and God


4 Responses to Observations

  1. Justin says:

    What about those of us who believe that the Bible is a mix of literal history, prose, poetry, metaphor, song, etc., that needs to be read fairly carefully and indeed studied before stuffing the characaturistic strawmen that so often get propped up and subsequently beaten to a pulp? Do we fit in the latter group?

  2. jackhudson says:

    You will have to ask Mr. Golub. Personally, I am not much for being in a particular group.

  3. Phil says:

    “Alex Golub on Darwin and God”? That makes no sense. What’s Darwin got to do with the Qur’an?

  4. jackhudson says:

    I always thought Alex Golub was a companion to Muad’Dib in the Dune series, which as we know borrowed heavily from both Darwin and the Qur’an.

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