Friday Fun-ness

Just because it’s Friday…

Many wonder what happened to Willy Wonka after he gave Charlie the factory – he went on to make bubbles on a beach of course.

You don’t think you like Justin Beiber? Of course you like him – you just like him eight times slower:

Ok, maybe ‘like’ is too strong a word – but it’s definitely better.

One Response to Friday Fun-ness

  1. Bettawrekonize says:

    Your video was removed due to copyright claims.

    BTW, do you think 95+ year copyright length is too long? You know it was the big corporations that lobbied for that (along with so many other broken laws) right? They also lobbied for retroactive copyright extensions to apply to all works that should have been in the public domain a long time ago. You know all works are automatically copyright unless you specifically opt out. It used to be the opposite until big corporations took control of our govt. You do know the funding fathers were very skeptical of patents and copyrights, Jefferson was initially against them and he later changed his mind under the condition that they be very limited (but we all see where that left us). You also know that the overwhelming (almost all) majority of the evidence shows that patents (and copyrights) only harm innovation, right?

    It’s mostly the anti free market capitalistic corporate socialists that want these laws, they know very well that these laws are not in the public interest but they don’t care.

    You claim to like art but so much art music, movies, newspapers, etc… goes out of print and dies in history due to excessively long copyright lengths (though it’s not really a right, it’s a privilege). You know Beethoven didn’t have copyright. Neither did Mozart. Neither did Shakespeare. All of this possible without copyright. It’s the big corporations that want copyright, the middlemen that lobbied for them, copyright was initially implemented for nefarious reasons. and it continues to be used for nefarious reasons, to support the plutocracy that we live in. Almost nothing good comes from patents and copyrights even today and there is no reason to believe that anything is somehow different today to justify their current existence either. They were put in place for nefarious reasons they continue to exist for nefarious reasons, when they were put in place they were harmful and they continue to be harmful to society and our culture.

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