There is only one certain bulwark against the advance of radical Islam in the Western world, and that is Christianity.


3 Responses to Observations

  1. kenetiks says:

    Onward christian soldier!

    This is a blatantly false statement.

    I understand your and others confusion. We(atheists, agnostics and secularists) stand up for the rights of muslim’s and nearly in the same breath rail against their faith and stringent adherence to the absurd(though they aren’t the only group that clings to such flights of fancy).

    You cannot trample individual rights or discriminate against particular groups singled out by ethnicity or religious beliefs.

    If christianity is both the first and last line of defense, and simultaneously the best the west can offer to bring to confront islamic extremism; Then I offer my deepest condolences to planet earth and my son and would have no problem packing our belongings and moving to the much better climate of Antarctica or the most remote and desolate swamp I could find.

  2. jackhudson says:

    Kenetiks, I think Ayaan Hirsi Ali, athest and former Muslim said it better than I when she said, “The Christianity of love and tolerance remains one of the West’s most powerful antidotes to the Islam of hate and intolerance. Ex-Muslims find Jesus Christ to be a more attractive and humane figure than Muhammad, the founder of Islam”.

    She also said, “So long as we atheists and classical liberals have no effective programs of our own to defeat the spread of radical Islam, we should work with enlightened Christians who are willing to devise some. We should bury the hatchet, rearrange our priorities, and fight together against a much more dangerous common enemy.”

    Apparently some notable atheists are confused as well. 🙂

  3. kenetiks says:

    Nice Jack, I’ve never heard that from her before. She’s got fairly good insight into stringent islam.

    However, I have to disagree with her(we atheists can’t always agree after all). Conversion to modern christianity’s version of Jesus may be appealing to muslims, it’s not the solution to the problem. It’s only a temporary patch. Even if you could convert every muslim into a modern christian in the span of a single day, this wouldn’t end the problem. It would only inflame christianity’s lingering problems of the last two thousand years. Then we wouldn’t be dealing with radicals from both religions, we’d either be dealing with a lot of new christian radicals or they might become moderates and instead of violence laden speeches from muslim scripture we’d have recitation of blood soaked christian scripture. Not that we don’t already in limited form. But who knows, we can speculate as long as we want about what would happen with an enormous swing to christianity but in the end, it’s just speculation.

    No, the best we can hope for in the long term is better education for everyone. With that, in my opinion, the notions of religions may well be resigned to mythology classes in a few hundred years.

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