Homosexuality and Political Gotchas

On a recent ‘Meet the Press’ airing, host David Gregory asked Republican candidate for Senator in Colorado Ken Buck if he believed, “that being gay is a choice?” to which Mr. Buck eventually answered that he did, and after some dithering compared it to alcoholism which can have a biological component as well as an element of choice. His opponent Michael Bennet jumped on this and declared Buck was “outside the mainstream of views on this.” What mainstream he was talking about he didn’t say, as he offered no statistics to back up this claim. Based on the reaction afterward, it would seem the only groups bothered by Buck’s response were the mainstream media and the gay lobby.

The question is one of two political ‘gotcha’ questions (the other one being, “Do you believe in evolution?”) meant to portray conservatives as out of touch with science and modernity.

The problem in this case though is that science hasn’t actually made a declaration about the biological basis of homosexuality. There are in fact numerous competing views about the origins of same-sex attraction, ranging from genetic factors to early childhood fixations to various environmental factors. Buck’s view on the matter was as legitimate as many other views – indeed, the only wrong answer would be to be dogmatic about homosexuality being genetically determined.

Of course this doesn’t fit into the Left’s political narrative, and so they proclaim mock outrage in an ongoing attempt to portray the science as settled, when in fact that is far from true. All that is settled in this case is the Left’s view on the matter – and they prove willing more often than not to subject science to political considerations rather than experiment and observation.

It’s important to remember this political season that despite the Left’s propaganda, the real enemies of science aren’t those who question certain scientist’s metaphysical conclusions, but those who would subject scientific findings to a political litmus test meant to advance a radical leftist agenda.


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