Betty McCollum Needs to Go

I don’t normally pay much attention to Betty McCollum, the Congressional Representative of Minnesota’s 4th District because I live in the 6th District (where Michelle Bachmann is currently grinding her rival Tarryl Clarke into oblivion) and because McCollum has traditionally been thought of as a ‘fixture’ in the traditionally Democratic 4th District.

But this year in Minnesota, as in the rest of the nation, the electorate is shifting, so people are finally paying attention to Ms. McCollum. A recent video I think defines the kind of person she is. In a recent debate before the League of Women Voters. When asked by the moderator the question, “What should the cost be to re-build Iraq and Afghanistan?” McCollum gave as part of her response this strange statement – “Al Qaeda no longer poses a threat to the United States”

It can be seen in the video below at around 1:44:

This statement is astounding. With the recent arrests, parts of Europe on high alert, travel warnings being issued to Americans and recently released statements by the leaders of Al Qaeda threatening the West it is unbelievable that a sitting Congressperson would make such a foolish statement.

Such ignorance is not only unacceptable, it’s dangerous. McCollum needs to go – time to vote for Teresa Collett.


9 Responses to Betty McCollum Needs to Go

  1. Justin says:

    To some extent, I almost agree with her. In many ways, Democrats are doing more damage to our country than Al Queda ever will. You can blow up buildings and shoot unarmed soldiers at an army base, or hikack airplanes and fly them into buildings, but that’s child’s play compared to the slow conversion of 99.9%+ of Americans to serf status.

  2. jackhudson says:

    I agree in terms of our gravest danger, the economic mess we are in is certainly a priority – but saying Al Qaeda no longer poses a threat? Can you imagine what it would be like if 9/11 happened in our current economic conditions?

  3. Justin says:

    Yep. Al Queda is surely still a threat. There’s no doubt about this. And Europeans seem to be taking it far more seriously these days than Obama.

  4. Bettawrekonize says:

    Yes, because we all know that the U.S. never hurts or kills innocent civilians, especially not intentionally. They would never do that, not in a million years.

    /sarcasm (they obviously do)

    While I do think that Al Qaeda shouldn’t be ignored, I also think that we should get out of Iraq. We had no business going into Iraq, Bush had no good reason to do it and now Al Qaeda is stronger in Iraq thanks to Bush’s bad decisions.

    Unfortunately not getting out of Iraq is another one of those promises broken by Obama.

    Promises of government transparency is also another one of those promises broken by Obama.

    When it comes to transparency, in many ways, this guy is worse than Bush.

  5. Nate says:

    I’m sorry betta, have you served in the military? You must have since you seem to know so much about what common practice is.

  6. Bettawrekonize says:

    “The reports detail 109,032 deaths in Iraq, comprised of 66,081 ‘civilians’; 23,984 ‘enemy’ (those labeled as insurgents); 15,196 ‘host nation’ (Iraqi government forces) and 3,771 ‘friendly’ (coalition forces). The majority of the deaths (66,000, over 60%) of these are civilian deaths.That is 31 civilians dying every day during the six year period. For comparison, the ‘Afghan War Diaries’, previously released by WikiLeaks, covering the same period, detail the deaths of some 20,000 people. Iraq during the same period, was five times as lethal with equivallent population size. ”


    and lets not forget about the helicopter shooting that the govt intended to cover up and tried so hard to do so.

    Given the attitude of whoever was doing the shooting, it’s not hard to imagine that this behavior is typical.

    There is also a speech with the person who actually went in and saved the two children and he seems to indicate that this stuff is more common than what our military leads us to believe.

    I believe him. He’s the only one with the integrity to save those children when no one else had the integrity to do so, why should I take the word of those with less integrity than him who say this doesn’t happen over his word.

    The military isn’t even honest enough to release that Apache video themselves, a video that should voluntarily be publicly released instead of leaked (there is no good reason to keep that hidden, the American people have a right to know this stuff), yet they turn around and claim that they aren’t hurting any civilians and they would get away with it too, and some people would believe such an unrealistic claim, if it weren’t for the fact that the evidence won’t allow them to get away with it.

  7. Bettawrekonize says:

    (you know, the transcript and the talking seems to have been superimposed by something else. That’s not how I remember it the first time I saw it from wikileaks).

  8. Bettawrekonize says:

    Oh I think that version is edited, that’s why. Certain parts were edited out.

  9. Bettawrekonize says:

    (or maybe not, my memory might just be bad, but I remember it differently)

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