Atheist Contradictions – Magical Thinking

It always amazes me that atheists will, almost in the same breath, claim that there is no problem with believing that universes can come into being from nothing without cause, but a belief that miracles can occur is certainly unscientific. What is more unscientific – to believe everything that exists does so without a cause, or to believe that something exists as the result of a cause that is more powerful and capable than men normally experience? I would suggest the atheists thinking is certainly the unscientific position here.

In fact it is anti-science as science is ultimately the study of causation.


3 Responses to Atheist Contradictions – Magical Thinking

  1. So in search of truth, by picking the supposedly less irrational answer, you are satisfied? I see them as equal contradictions.

  2. jackhudson says:

    No, what I believe to be true is the result of more than the reality that atheism is irrational; however, realizing this is so certainly narrows the choices.

  3. God is one of your forces for starting the Universe. Please list the other one. It must necessarily exist outside the Universe. Also, please list your evidence. kthxbye

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