And the Wheels Begin to Come Off…

A federal judge in Virginia has found a key component of the current healthcare law (the individual mandate; ruling here) unconstitutional. Given that this bill constitutes the totality of the current administration’s accomplishments in the last two years, I think this means the tapestry that was the Obama Presidency has come completely unraveled.

Starting with the failure to halt the sliding economy, to the loss of the House and weakening of the Senate and culminating with this ruling, it is fairly safe to say that this administration has nothing to show for its efforts. To say the least this will make for an interesting campaign strategy in 2012.


4 Responses to And the Wheels Begin to Come Off…

  1. Justin says:

    Yay! I read through my 7 pages of US Constitution and I didn’t see anywhere where the Federal government had the right to force people into commerce. They can regulate interstate commerce, but if someone chooses not to participate, there’s no power to force them.

    Obama ignored the millions of jobs lost, a declining economy, and pushed ahead with this giant step towards socialized medicine against the will of the people. To date, this is his only crowning “acheivement”. The wheels should fall off.

  2. nate says:

    Given that this was the most fiscally responsible thing the democrats did (actually paying for something, gotta make everyone do it though) I’m sure they are upset about it.

    Don’t forget that you can get a federal judge to rule anyway you want if you are lucky enough to get the right judge. Still I think its the right call.

    Justin, you are clearly blind. They can require you to buy health care if they want. It IS in the constitution. Right next to the stuff about the department of education and the EPA. 😉

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