Tragedy in Tucson

I won’t say too much about what happened, as much is still unknown, and the motives of the shooter are still cloaked in the fog of the ramblings of a one who appears to be an extremely disturbed individual. Whatever your political inclinations the loss of life and the  injury of a US Representative is reprehensible.

What shocks me (though it shouldn’t) is that there are individuals who are already trying to pin this tragedy on a particular political group or style of political discourse. I have to believe that people who do this have never taking five seconds to read what the man wrote; had they done so they wouldn’t make such obviously ignorant claims. All indications are that Jared Lee Loughner was certifiably insane. One of the reasons we know he was insane was that he claimed certain political powers controlled his thoughts. Ironically, those who are claiming certain political figures motivated him to kill are essentially agreeing with him; that would make them as insane as he is.

It is also the stratospheric height of hypocrisy to condemn rhetoric that demonizes political opponents even while exploiting the Arizona killings to demonize one’s political opponents. And the people who do so are as culpable as anyone else.

The wise among us should take a breather and evaluate the facts as they become definitively apparent. In the meantime, if you have any humanity, mourn the victims and their families.


One Response to Tragedy in Tucson

  1. Slamdunk says:

    Such a sad story–and the folks blabbering driven only by an agenda are troublesome.

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