An Uninspiring State of the Union Addreszzz…..

The President spoke tonight. That was about the extent of it.

I was just glad John Boehner didn’t cry.

Oh, and Paul Ryan would be a great Vice-President to President Chris Christy.


5 Responses to An Uninspiring State of the Union Addreszzz…..

  1. Bettawrekonize says:

    Obama is a liar. Everything he said, about promoting open communication and whatnot, is a lie. Almost everything he has done is an effort to suppress free speech and give big corporations more control over us.

  2. Bettawrekonize says:

    and while I didn’t vote for him because I disagree with him on many things, when he ran for elections I honestly thought he was sincere in his beliefs. The way he speaks, one would almost think he was serious about serving the public interest. and if I didn’t know better, I might actually believe that he is making a genuine effort to serve the public interest. But I do know better. It’s all just an act. He is a liar, he eventually took campaign contributions (even though he initially promised not to), he made little effort to keep any of the promises he made (and I’m not talking about the specific promises that are impossible to keep, that everyone knew he couldn’t keep. I’m talking about the promises that he could at least make a reasonable effort to keep, like the promise of more government openness. In many ways, he is less transparent than many previous presidents. According to some sources, he has indicted more people for leaks than all previous presidents together ).

    Many of his actions are designed to help corporate interests and to give them more government imposed monopoly privileges. While we still have a far ways to go before we look like Russia, we’re slowly turning into them. Russia has that problem too (way worse than us), their government does a whole lot to protect their big businesses (and I hear that you can get killed for speaking out against big businesses there), and the U.S. is turning into that (though Bush did start it with the bail outs, something that the U.S. used to criticize Russia for). It’s really sad the direction that this nation is heading.

    and in many other ways we are turning into a police state. (and read the articles that that article links to as well). Everywhere we go, government watches us (ie: warrantless wiretapping, another thing that Obama promised to help eliminate but never followed through) and cameras everywhere (ie: red light cameras, speed cameras), just looking for any excuse to turn us into victimless criminals and/or fine us for breaking some pointless law. but they are trying to punish us for watching, recording, and distributing their wrongdoings (ie: wikileaks). and I’m not defending the republicans (or the tea party) here either.

  3. nate says:

    Amen to the 2012 ticket you just proposed!

  4. Justin says:

    I agree with Betta; Obama is a pathological liar. And I do not think the pathological claim is hyperbole. We’ve had less transparency in bills since he took office than we had prior to his election. He broke specific campaign promises that he is in direct control of as the president – namely allowing a period of public comment before signing bills.

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