My Greatest Valentine Gift

I don’t write much about my personal life here, partly because that is not what this blog is about, and partly because I like to provide some buffer between my family, friends and work and the occasional crazy stalker I get here threatening me and those I care about.

 Nonetheless I am a bit of a romantic deep down and Valentine’s Day affords me an opportunity to express how blessed I am to have the wife I do. She doesn’t read this blog often because she doesn’t enjoy the verbal combativeness that happens here, but she occasionally stops by to see what I have been writing about.

 For over 16 years I have been married to a beautiful woman who has given me four bright and attractive children. She is perhaps the most honest person I know, a quality I appreciate more or less depending on what she is being honest about.

 She is practically compassionate – she not only cares about people in need but she is excellent at meeting needs whether it is a person without a home or who is suffering from an illness.

She is generous to a fault often suggesting creative ways we can help others, frequently noticing needs long before I have a clue.

 And though she is exceedingly practical and frugal, she regularly encourages me to pursue dreams and interests, and never holds it over my head when they don’t turn out according to my best laid plans.

 Our marriage is perhaps the greatest fruit I have of the faith we share; I am certain it wouldn’t exist apart from our mutual relationship with Christ.

I could go on about her, but suffice it to say she is always my greatest Valentine gift.


2 Responses to My Greatest Valentine Gift

  1. I too am a hopeless romantic at heart. Please pardon my intrusiveness, because as much as I can appreciate the sentiment behind what you say, I’m curious, do you really believe it when you say, “I am certain it [your marriage] wouldn’t exist apart from our mutual relationship with Christ”?

    Does that mean if your wife stopped believing, god forbid, your relationship would cease to be?

  2. jackhudson says:

    I don’t believe it would have come into existence in the first place apart from Christ (I say this based on how I was as an unbeliever); and were one of us to stop believing, I know we wouldn’t have the closeness and unity we have now.

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