Talking Points

Interesting bit from the NYTs about the talking points Dems are using to describe the Republicans in the current budget battle:

Moments before a conference call with reporters was scheduled to get underway on Tuesday morning, apparently unaware that many of the reporters were already on the line, Charles Schumer of New York, the No. 3 Democrat in the Senate, began to instruct fellow senators on how to talk to reporters about the contentious budget process.

After thanking his colleagues — Barbara Boxer of California, Ben Cardin of Maryland, Tom Carper of Delaware and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut — for doing the budget bidding for the Senate Democrats, who are facing off against the House Republicans over how spending for the rest of the fiscal year, Mr. Schumer told them to portray John Boehner of Ohio, the Speaker of the House, as painted into a box by the Tea Party, and to decry the spending cuts that he wants as extreme. “I always use the word extreme,” Mr. Schumer said, “That is what the caucus instructed me to use this week.”

Sad that as we are facing serious and long term economic woes, that these politicians are playing games like this. It would seem that the Democrats are intent on dissembling while our country suffers; I am supprised how many in the blogosphere employ the same tactics when describing the current political situation.


4 Responses to Talking Points

  1. Justin says:

    WWSD? (What would science do?)

    Sorry, couldn’t resist after the last post.

  2. Bettawrekonize says:

    I think both parties are guilty of such rhetoric.

  3. The Judge says:

    Justin – interesting point about the Bible in the previous comments section. I don’t have time to answer now, but I’ll try later. Note though that the survival of a ‘text’ and that of a ‘story’ are two very different things.

  4. Nate says:

    What we have here is the governmental equivalent of a windows blue screen of death.

    Solution? I’m glad you asked, it’s very simple.

    Shutdown. Restart. Repeat as necessary until the problem is corrected.

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