Is Free Will an Illusion?


It seems I am on a bit of a bender lately concerning morality and Naturalism.

In the previous post on the Craig/ Harris debate I briefly mentioned the point about free will and determinism that came up in the debate but which was never fully explored. The following video from the New Scientist covers the ground much more thoroughly in a very accessible way. It is a critical discussion because if Naturalism is true and we don’t have free will, then the whole discussion about morality is moot because how we act is the product of pre-determined factors, not our beliefs about right and wrong. In fact the idea that we have no free will undermines the entire argument atheists make that the evidence should lead us to atheism as we would have no choice in our beliefs to begin with.

Interestingly the video points out one other finding – that when people believe they have no free will they are less likely to act charitably toward others.

In short atheism, as much as it promotes this view that we have no free will, may be a cause us to be selfish.  Video below.


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