Friday Fun-ness

So my friend Nate, over at the blog (a great blog, which you should go read as soon as you are done with mine) has been chiding me about not immediately posting the second Hayek vs. Keynes rap video. When I told him I planned to do this Friday as part of my ongoing Friday Fun-ness post, he claimed it would no longer be ‘fresh’, as if it was a banana sitting on the kitchen counter. This despite the fact that I posted the first video nearly a year before he had a blog. Ahem.

But what Nate didn’t know was that I had an extra video in my back pocket, increasing the freshness by a factor of x23. It’s a video commentary explaining the video to those who aren’t nearly as nerdy about economics as Nate and I are.

 So here you go, the second, and in my estimation far better Hayek v. Keynes rap, with video commentary:


One Response to Friday Fun-ness

  1. Nate says:

    Well played sir.

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