Friday Fun-ness

Chatbots are programs designed to be able to carry on conversations with humans in a way that emulates an actual conversation. I have always been fascinated by attempts to emulate human intelligence or characteristics. Years ago I played with chatbot program called ALICE to see if it could be programmed to deal with people’s questions like an actual support person.

This video was created by folks at the Cornell Creative Machines Lab. They hooked up two audio chatbots to talk to each other to see what would happen. Interestingly they produced what sounds like 90% of the conversations between teens on Facebook.

One Response to Friday Fun-ness

  1. Sabio Lantz says:

    That is funny! I often find human conversations to be hackneyed, unreflective, unfocused and without purpose other than self-expression — very little real relating. Thus, that we could eventually build bots to do better than that would not be surprising for me.

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