Craig On Hawking

Good (albeit lengthy) discussion by William Lane Craig on about Stephen Hawking and his claims about the supposed death of God and philosophy:

Needless to say, Craig demonstrates that both God and philosophy are alive and well.


3 Responses to Craig On Hawking

  1. Nathan says:

    The slick debater, Craig, is at it again, wasting his breath arguing a straw man. He’s great at that. Sets up completely false premises, then shoots them down and proves nothing except his inability to face reality, and to debate the actual issues.

    Hawking never claimed that “God is dead.” In “The Grand Design,” he and Mlodinow state that God (creator) is not necessary for our universe to exist. They repeatedly state that they are NOT claiming that God doesn’t exist, only that a creator is not necessary for our universe to exist.

  2. Nathan says:

    Again, Hawking never said “God did not create universe” as quoted by the “religious” speaker re: The Times headlines. These people are desperately trying to cling to their religious beliefs in spite of the reality in front of them. They just reject reality and hold to their irrational faith. That’s fine with me; just stay away from me, since the idiocy may be contagious.

    Stephen Hawking is NOT a quantum physicist as stated by Craig. Again, he spreads so much misinformation; he just spews it out here.

  3. Justin says:

    Even if the claim is that god isn’t necessary, Hawking still fails to prove it.

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