Friday Fun-ness

Ok Go is basically what sort of music group you would get if the guys from Myth Busters decided to form a band. Mediocre music, but awesome music videos.


3 Responses to Friday Fun-ness

  1. tedhtunes says:

    That woudl be a very expensive concert to perform on a nightly basis….

  2. bZirk says:

    Jack, I’m finally back on WordPress and need to catch up with you and your blog! But I had to laugh when I put your name in the search engine. The results were a few places who do not like you. I would say that’s good since it was your reasoning they don’t like! LOL!! You are getting someone’s attention. Okay, yes, I know you are not trying to be contentious, but there’s no way around it if you are reasonable.

    Anyway, good to be back and I look forward to reading your posts. Love this one by the way.

  3. jackhudson says:

    I wondered where you have been Lisa – I tried to look for anything recent you had written awhile back, but it didn’t look like you had written anything for awhile. (I see now you have started another blog)

    And yes, I am still stirring up trouble here and there. 🙂

    Good to see you back!

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