I was thinking about two incidents I referred to in my last post, namely the Christian students walking out of a talk by gay activist Dan Savage at a high school ‘journalism’ conference when he was attacking them and their beliefs, and the incident at Indiana University where transgender students attempted to disrupt a talk by Pastor Doug Wilson on human sexuality and the Bible. In many ways these two incidents highlight the difference between the views of conservative Christians and the Secular Left with regard to free speech rights.

Christians generally believe people should be free to express a variety of opinions, but students shouldn’t be forced to listen to speakers attacking their beliefs whereas those on the Secular Left don’t believe those they disagree with should be allowed to speak at all.

The idea that the Left is more supportive of diversity and tolerance is perhaps the biggest lie foisted on modern observers.


One Response to Observations

  1. Justin says:

    To anyone with a smidgen of intelligence and honesty, the secularists’ double standards are stark and clear.

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