Friday Fun-ness

Interesting bit by history film maker Ken Burns on telling a story. Being a history buff, I enjoy his films immensely, though The Civil War is still his best in my mind.


3 Responses to Friday Fun-ness

  1. Bettawrekonize says:

    I wasn’t sure where to submit this but I wanted you to see it, thought you might be interested.

    “”According to noted paleoanthropologist Richard Leakey, sometime in the next 15 to 30 years scientific discoveries about evolution will have accelerated to the point that ‘even the skeptics can accept it.’ ‘If you don’t like the word evolution, I don’t care what you call it, but life has changed. You can lay out all the fossils that have been collected and establish lineages that even a fool could work up.”

    This is such bunk.

    My post starts with

    “I’ve noticed that no one here actually discusses this alleged evidence for universal common descent.”

    (expect it to get marked down)

    and I linked to your blog on that post as well.

    Just thought you might be interested.

  2. jackhudson says:

    Couldn’t find you comment there, but thanks for the link Betta. I never understood why atheists critcize faith, and then express complete confidence that undeniable evidence for their beliefs will be found in the future.

    It may be so, but to say so is an expression of faith itself.

  3. Bettawrekonize says:

    You have to expand it out.

    1: If you have something like noscript running, make sure you temporarily allow everything on this page (you can probably ignore this part).

    2:) See where it says load (usually 500 more comments). To the right of that there should be a slider with two hatch marks. Slide both hatch marks all the way to the right. If the hatch marks don’t show up you may need to reload the page. Then click on load (whatever) more comments until they all load. Then search through your browser to find it. Here, I’ll link to the comment directly, though I’m not sure that it’ll show any follow up comments and my responses if I do that. You can also post anonymously. The blog, in general, will only allow you to post so many comments in a given period of time though and after a while the ability to add more comments in a thread may expire (if it hasn’t already).

    There is a link to the comment directly. It also seems to have the follow up comments as well.

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