“The prophecies, the very miracles and proofs of our religion, are not of such a nature that they can be said to be absolutely convincing. But they are also of such a kind that it cannot be said that it is unreasonable to believe them. Thus there is both evidence and obscurity to enlighten some and confuse others. But the evidence is such that it surpasses, or at least equals, the evidence to the contrary; so that it is not reason which can determine men not to follow it, and thus it can only be lust or malice of heart. And by this means there is sufficient evidence to condemn, and insufficient to convince; so that it appears in those who follow it, that it is grace, and not reason, which makes them follow it; and in those who shun it, that it is lust, not reason, which makes them shun it.”

Blaise Pascal, PenséesSection VIII, The Fundamentals of the Christian Religion


3 Responses to Observations

  1. Mike D says:

    Failed prophecies, miracles for which the only evidence is hearsay, a ‘divinely inspired’ book riddled with scientific and historical inaccuracies as well as direct internal contradictions, and logical ‘proofs’ riddled with elementary fallacies, all to support a theology in which a God sacrifices himself to himself because only his own magic blood can free humanity from the curse that he placed on it when a woman created from a rib was tricked into eating a magic apple by a talking snake. Yeah, we’d be crazy not to believe that!

  2. jackhudson says:

    While there is certainly no evidence to support a New Atheist caricature of Christianity (nor is there need of any), there sufficient evidence of the historical nature of Christian doctrines so that, as the scientist and mathematician Pascal put it, “it cannot be said that it is unreasonable to believe them.”

  3. Kristi says:

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