Friday Fun-ness

I usually reserve this spot for the whimsical, satirical, interesting or unusual. It’s election season now though, so the next few will probably lean political.

A friend posted this on Facebook with no commentary (though it certainly generated a lot) – suffice to say that this was funny when it came out, now it it hysterically funny. Or tragically comic. You decide.


2 Responses to Friday Fun-ness

  1. eMatters says:

    Wow, that is creepy and sad! And it was a premeditated act! I wonder how happy they’d be if they knew the truth about what Obama has really done. Record numbers of golf rounds and vacations, Fast and Furious, etc.

  2. jackhudson says:

    Some of those poor kids are going to grow up totally embarrassed that they were ever conned into doing this.

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