The Silliness of Atheists on Christmas

Personally I am rather indifferent to the imagined ‘War on Christmas’ and all that entails, in large part because I don’t believe Christians should focus so much energy on a single Holiday during the year, and partly because Christmas with all its materialism and stress has much bigger problems than atheists.

Nonetheless a recent effort by the American Atheists demonstrates that there is as much silliness coming from the atheists as anyone else on the issue. In an effort to promote atheism, the atheists have again erected a large billboard in Times Square contrasting Santa Claus with Jesus.

In many ways the billboard displays how ignorant they are of the culture they live in; while Santa Claus took his final form as a result of American advertising campaigns, he is firmly rooted in Christian history in the form of St. Nicholas, of which the name ‘Santa Claus’ is a derivative. Some atheists of course might point to pagan influences, but those influences are no less religious.

Attempting to retain the joy of Christmas and excise its religious content is in many ways typical of the nonsensical nature of Western atheism, which enjoys the culture, morality, prosperity and knowledge of the West while attempting to deny its overtly Christian origin. They assume that such things can exist apart from the content of Christianity, though there is no evidence of this whatsoever – culture comes from somewhere, and it’s roots are invariably spiritual.

It’s part of the reason why atheism at its root is ultimately the refuge of the ignorant. To be an atheist requires willfully ignoring history and to some extent the reality of the human condition.

Some may think this a harsh assessment, but they are the ones putting their ignorance on display on a large billboard in the middle of Times Square.


13 Responses to The Silliness of Atheists on Christmas

  1. thebigboog says:

    You ignored the second part of the image completely. The myth. Where’s the “over the your head” smiley when you need it?

  2. jackhudson says:

    That’s part of the silliness, atheists would forfeit Christ because they imagine Him mythical and replace Him with Santa, who certainly is!

  3. thebigboog says:

    But you haven’t (and won’t) addressed the myth. Santa is just symbolic. Atheists do not believe it is anything more than that. Even young children learn that fairly quickly.

  4. thebigboog says:

    Anyway, there is as much evidence for Santa as there is for Christ.

  5. jackhudson says:

    Whether he is ‘mythical’ or not is irrelevant to the main point that atheist want to celebrate Christmas while denying its origin and purpose.

    That anyone would claim Jesus is ‘mythical’ in the sense anyone understands the word is as ignorant as denying the fact that He is central to the celebration of Christmas.

  6. thebigboog says:

    For many, Santa is very central to the celebration of Christmas, therefore, by your logic, Santa is equally as real as Christ. Imagine the outcry if Santa was banished from Christmas. You’re still ignoring the second part.

  7. jackhudson says:

    I don’t know any adults for whom Santa is central, but its still irrelevant because Santa is based on an actual person from Christian history, which comes back to the point that atheists can’t excise Christianity from Christmas except in ignorance.

  8. kenetiks says:

    So what’s kicking Jack?

    Anywho, on to my commentary.

    I’ve recently been speaking to a pastor lately a great deal about Christianity and Atheism in which this subject got brought up by him. Now we’ve been talking on facebook in public back and forth on each others statuses. This elicited puzzlement by one passerby but he was quite taken back by my stance on the whole Christmas debate, since I’m an atheist.

    Now, I’ve said as much to you in the past and time has only reinforced my position on Christmas. I sincerely wish my fellow atheists and secularists would please leave Christmas alone.

    It’s getting ridiculous. The only valid argument on this vacuous, white noise, is keeping federal funds or resources from being used to promote a specific religion above others and giving one group preferential treatment. That’s really it. As annoyed as I am over the unrelenting barrage of nonsense from the religious; It’s becoming equally annoying over this non-issue. As much as we claim that religion offers a solution to a problem that does not exist; This entire culture war over Christmas is the exact same thing.

    Christmas is now a cultural holiday that was assimilated bits of other cultures. We all know this, the atheists, the Christians, the Jewish, everyone. It’s called……drum role….Christmas. If I want to say Merry Christmas, don’t tell me I’m wrong. Just reciprocate and be on your merry way. This entire BS rant over the happy holidays vs merry Christmas tripe is utterly ridiculous,

    Aren’t there more pressing issues as atheists that we need to be addressing rather than informing the masses about mundane details of the origins of the evergreen tree, yule logs, caroling.

  9. zaphod$5 says:

    I didn’t say adults. I just said ban Santa Claus and watch the feathers fly. Just imagine Santa banned and watch every soccer mom (and christian ones too) kick up a stick. Taking Santa out of christmas would be bigger than taking Christ out of christmas. Don’t under-estimate the commercial value of Santa. he;s worth more than Christ 😉

  10. thebigboog says:

    oops, too many ID’s 😉

  11. jackhudson says:

    I didn’t say adults. I just said ban Santa Claus and watch the feathers fly. Just imagine Santa banned and watch every soccer mom (and christian ones too) kick up a stick. Taking Santa out of christmas would be bigger than taking Christ out of christmas. Don’t under-estimate the commercial value of Santa. he;s worth more than Christ

    It’s possible some folks my be more upset by ‘banning’ Santa – but we aren’t actually talking about banning anything.

    The post ( which you still haven’t actually addressed) is about the fact that even in embracing ‘Santa’ in lieu of Jesus atheists are still effectively adopting a figure that is essentially Christian even if its one highly modified by commercial interests. So they aren’t really denying the religious character of Christmas at all.

  12. jackhudson says:


    Hey there – I agree its all way overblown, and I would say from the Christian perspective I think we spend entirely too much time fighting a non-existent ‘war’ when there are other issues of much greater common concern.

  13. kenetiks says:

    That’s one of the points to which you and I agree. It is way overblown.

    When someone says “happy holidays” and gets blasted for being unchristian or vice versa, when an atheist gets taken to task over saying merry Christmas; it goes without saying, you people really need to find a better hobby.

    So I’m in agreement; we really do have more urgent, more serious matters that require our attention. Instead of this imagined issue.

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