The Programming of Life

There was a revealing article recently on ScienceDaily concerning a novel approach to determining how life originated. Up until now most scientists have been trying to chemically synthesize the organic compounds integral to the structures of life in hopes of determining how life might have originated through natural processes. To say the least this has been an abysmal failure. There is in fact no evidence that living organisms originated through unguided natural processes. One of the reasons it has been a failure is because scientists have attempted to reconstruct the chemical structures of life, while ignoring the fact that life at its core is an information processing system – something I have been pointing out for years. Now it seems that some scientists are finally coming to the same conclusion:

Now, a novel approach to the question of life’s origin, proposed by two Arizona State University scientists, attempts to dramatically redefine the problem. The researchers — Paul Davies, an ASU Regents’ Professor and director of the Beyond Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science, and Sara Walker, a NASA post-doctoral fellow at the Beyond Center — published their theory in the Dec. 12 issue of the Royal Society journal Interface.

In a nutshell, the authors shift attention from the “hardware” — the chemical basis of life — to the “software” — its information content. To use a computer analogy, chemistry explains the material substance of the machine, but it won’t function without a program and data. Davies and Walker suggest that the crucial distinction between non-life and life is the way that living organisms manage the information flowing through the system.

I for one applaud this change of strategy because at least it acknowledges the right problem. That being said, I am certain they will face the same frustrations those focused on the chemical origin of life have because information systems simply can’t originate apart from the intention of a mind.

Perhaps it will take a few more decades of failure for science to realize this obvious fact.



15 Responses to The Programming of Life

  1. Robert says:

    Water is the universal solvent, it is the only substance on earth that is liquid at the temperatures we find on this planet. And recently it has been revealed that water is not merely a passive solvent in biological systems, but is capable of complex range of behaviours, and peculiar states which participate in living processes in both essential and fundamental ways.
    The most obvious example reveals itself in the globular proteins of the cytoplasm. These proteins carry out functions by movement, and it has been a great mystery until now, how they utilize energy, from where the energy is supplied, how it is employed, and by what mechanisms.
    It turns out the mechanisms are in the water.
    When you look at the interior of the cell and determine that the exposed surfaces of the various membranes, and proteins, are almost exclusively hydrophillic surfaces, that is water loving surfaces. The interesting thing is that water structures itself on hydrophillic surfaces, and this results in two distinct regions, a crystalline negatively charged zone, and a non crystalline positively charged zone just beyond it. Together they form The Water Battery of living systems. It is now clear that the energy required by proteins to function, and most cellular mechanisms of action is supplied by the energy stored in the water itself.
    There are two fundamental ways of effecting the size, and replenishing the water battery, and they both involve the utilization of ubiquitous environmental energies. The first is negative charge from the Oschman Earthing Principle, and the second is Infrared Radiant Energy from the environment. There is nothing more fundamental to life as these energy flows, and water. It is also highly likely that this was the essential incipient prebiotic condition. Mitochondrial negative charge energy output, being ancillary and supplemental to life processes, itself only aiding the regeneration of the water battery.
    The globular proteins of the cytoplasm when at rest, are folded in such a way that the hydrophobic segments are buried deep inside, with only the hydrophilic peptides exposed to hydration. When one of these proteins unfolds, the hydrophobic sequences reach out into the positively charged non crystalline regions and complete the electric circuit who’s result is a clean fuel cell type of reaction. This provides electric current, and motion to the protein, to carry on its mechanical activities.
    Cell death is associated with a ubiquity of unfolded proteins, which means the water has become utterly devoid of structure, and therefore energy, dead! Too many unfolded proteins can also be the cause of cell death by simply using up all the energy stored in the water battery. Its not entirely unlike short circuiting in the more familiar electric circuits we possess. The overstimulation of heat stress proteins are the most obvious example, of creating excess unfolded proteins and ultimately cell death.
    Biochemistry is the integral behaviour of organic molecules and water. The aqueous environment accounts for the coherence and functioning of living systems, and without due consideration to the function and behaviour of water it makes no sense. An organic molecule without a properly functioning field of water has no life, and never will!

  2. Betta says:

    Hey Robert. I agree, the elegant properties of matter and laws of physics and how they work together in harmony to sustain life is amazing and is not something to be expected from a lack of design.

  3. thebigboog says:

    and what has god (or some supernatural mind as your like to refer to) to do with all this? You missed the science here buddy. Isn’t it wonderful that science has the capacity to question itself, re-discover, re-examine, re-define and add to its knowledge rather that just relying on some old scripts as the foundation to life, the universe and everything else.

  4. Robert says:


    I agree, it’s just if we can figure out how many degrees of free movement we actually have. We chose our ideas to become who we are, but thought is not billiard balls. We can go where we need to go.

  5. Robert says:


    Yes but we keep running into the same truths. Much less techy people have done far more with much less, and came to the same conclusions science is only now reaching. It is scary! Look up Spinoza, read his Ethics. He knew back in the mid 1600s that there was linear and non linear time! Even with the light of modern science most people have no idea!

  6. Bettawrekonize says:

    and in more sad news

    Thanks to corporate interests the U.S. plutocracy is not going to allow anything into the public domain this year either.

  7. IntelligentAnimation says:

    Robert, water is not the universal solvent and it certainly isn’t the only liquid in earth temperatures. Water only dissolves water-based substances. Try using water instead of acetone (a liquid in earth’s temps) to clean up latex paint. “Like dissolves like” as they say.

    The polarized conductivity of water is indeed an aid to the functioning of life although I am not sure we can claim any type of matter as a necessary ingredient just yet.

    I remember being shown a video clip in 10th grade biology, where the most important word for the cause of life was deemed to be “seawater”. I have since come to believe a more important word is “teleology”. Without teleology, the water behaves just as it does in the sea… mindlessly.

  8. IntelligentAnimation says:

    sorry, meant to say “turpentine”, not “acetone”. I use acetone to dissolve substances on my job, so my brain was thinking of it.

  9. Robert says:

    Sorry, but water is the only substance to be liquid at earths temperatures besides Mercury. Of course you can find other examples like acetone and such, but they are all the rest derived from water based systems like tree sap!

  10. IntelligentAnimation says:

    Davies and Walker will fail to create life from non-life for the same reason everyone else who had tried to do so has failed so badly. You can give all the information you want to a rock and it will not replicate itself, heal or do calculus.

    Synthetic RNA has been created in a lab, but until it is put in vitro it sits there lifeless doing nothing, like all other non-biotic materials. Functional matter movement is vital for all aspects of life, and no amount of water or information can cause this outside of a living organism. You would have to capture the life force to accomplish functional movement or you just get more lifeless clumps of stuff.

    Still, I encourage any change of plans, considering the pathetic failure of the Frankensteins thinking life is a matter-only construct.

    The best effort along these lines so far has been by Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier. He claims to have captured electromagnetic transfer (EMT) of information emitted from DNA and digitized that information for use on other organisms. He claims he can eradicate cancer and says he has demonstrated this on rodents.

    Despite his enormous success in virology, he had to leave France and go to remote parts of China to pursue his work because he was an information-first experimenter, not a material-first loser. I don’t know if his claims are valid, but at least he is trying to look in intelligence-based directions for elusive answers.

  11. Robert says:

    I hardly think water is dumb as you say!

  12. IntelligentAnimation says:

    Materialists are not just trying to create a computer by chance. They are literally trying to create replicating beings that can create and program a computer, along with myriad other tasks, all by luck.

    Whether the materialist tries to build a computer and expect it to program itself or whether they create a program and expect it to begin running itself without the hardware, they will fail.

    I blame the materialists for our horrific failure to understand life. Not only do they refuse to follow evidence if it conflicts with their ultra-atheist religion, but they refuse to let anyone else pursue actual evidence-based science. These religious nuts (extremist atheists) have taken over academia and have caused innumerable death and suffering for their censoring of medical knowledge.

    Living organisms are intelligence-based machines, not lucky chemical autopilots as the pseudoscientists in charge would pretend them to be. This failure to recognize the difference between life and non-life has horrific consequences in the field of medicine.

  13. Robert says:

    Living organisms are organized(that is where the word organism comes from). In fact they are self organizing entities created from the earth itself!

  14. Robert says:

    The solar system, the galaxies, and everything from top to bottom is a self organizing system.

    Top down creation only exists at the hand of man!

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