I am a forty-five year old believer in Christ, a husband and father of four, a long-standing member of Evergreen Community Church, currently works in IT.

Though it has been two decades since I came to believe in Christ, I still often feel like a new convert; in all likelihood this is because I spent my young adulthood as a skeptic and agnostic, and only came to Christ after encountering Christ and definitively rejecting my former beliefs.

In the time since I have been involved at a university (Iowa State) in campus debates and discussions on numerous issues related to my beliefs, first as a biology major and later in my political science studies.

Since my time as a student, my greatest challenges have been attempting to live out my faith as a husband and father; which I have found to be more challenging than a thousand skeptical secular professors screaming for my head.

I am a ‘broadly educated’ person with a wide variety of interests and experiences, who has spent some time speaking and teaching, frequently concerning apologetics and culture. I also have the gumption (or more likely, either the arrogance or insanity) to think that I can contribute something to the discussion about the role of Christian belief in our modern culture here on the web.

I hope you find something here that is helpful or encouraging, or at least thought provoking.


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  1. jw1 says:

    Hi Jhud,

    I didn’t want to post something personal on the crosswalk forum but I wanted to say it to you. I hope you don’t mind me using this vehicle.

    First, I want to say you irritate me to no end. There are two reasons for this. First, you often sink into a style of argument that rubs me as more about rhetoric and winning than about trying to get to the facts. I’m not accusing you of sophistry (though I have, but I want to move past the insults). It think it is very easily to slip into this mode, especially when the truth is JUST-SO-EVIDENT-AND-WHY-WON’T- THIS-MORON-SEE-IT. Trust me, I feel the same way sometimes. šŸ™‚ The second reason is that you also, mixed in with the crap, make good arguments.

    I came to crosswalk because of my incomprehension that anyone could possibly believe what evangelical Christians believes. What I’ve learned is that it isn’t so incomprehensible after all and that the reasons you have are sophisticated and challenging to oppose. An intelligent person *could* see it your way! You’ve in no way changed my own beliefs, but the debate is challenging and rewarding.

    So the second thing I want to say is that I have a lot of respect for you. Your “About” statement on the webpage makes you come across as a much more likeable person (there’s even a bit of self-effacing humor in there!) than some of your posts and in a lot of ways we are similar. I’m 36, have two children (also the greatest challenges in my life) and I consider myself to be broadly educated, albeit maybe a bit rusty.

    I didn’t include my actual email (though the address I did give will be forwarded for a month). If you do reply I’ll reply back using my direct email address. I just don’t like sticking the real one into forms. Call me paranoid, but I just get too much spam.

    I didn’t want to post this on the forums because it is not an attempt to win any rhetorical points or look like the “good guy” (I don’t think there’s much risk of that given my views and that environment).

    I’m encouraged that the tone of the discussion seems to have improved a bit and things are getting more cordial, I hope so anyway.

    I plan to read some of the posts on your blog and hopefully it’ll leave me better equipped to discuss ID more accurately.


  2. Ken says:

    Nice of you to drop in Jason. It is too bad we never met. Jack is a one of a kind. I have never met his equal. His bio explains why. Just so you aren’t too terribly disappointed I don’t think Jack comes here much anymore. At least I haven’t seen him here in a while.

    Which is too bad. I do not participate at the forums or the chatroom anymore. They are far too liberal for me. And from what I have heard they are losing conservatives by the handful. Too bad really. The place had a chance of making a difference in the Internet world. It won’t do that as things stand there now.

  3. jackhudson says:

    Ok, ok, enough of the guilt. I am sorry I have neglected my blog and I have a few essays in production that i will be posting soon. I wanted to do a eulogy of sorts for my mother who passed away recently (part of the reason I have not posted here lately) but it is difficult, and I want to do it justice.

    Jason thanks for the kind words, I actually wrote an e-mail (the responses come to my home e-mail) and sent it off not realizing the return address wasn’t real (despite the fact you mentioned it in your post here). I will have to send it to you else wise when i am done giving you the what for in the Science and Origins thread.

    And Ken, young man, you left me with the lions and now you saunter in with nary a by your leave. I don’t want no guilt if you aren’t going to at least say “good bye”, or “good luck” or “don’t ever stop evolving” or some such. At least write home occasionally and let me know wass up, k?

  4. bZirk says:

    “Though it has been two decades since I came to believe in Christ, I still often feel like a new convert; in all likelihood this is because I spent my young adulthood as a skeptic and agnostic, and only came to Christ after encountering Christ and definitively rejecting my former beliefs.”

    That’s part of it, but only a part. It’s a testament to the Lord’s boundless brilliance. “No eye has seen, no ear has heard…The Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God” I came to the Lord at the age of 10 (four decades), and I often feel like a new convert and may it always be so, and I know it will. šŸ˜€

  5. Hi, nice to meet you !

  6. You sound like a great guy to me. I appreciate your logical and timely posts. Don’t let your critics deter you from saying what needs to be said and stay strong in your faith. God Bless you my friend.

  7. jackhudson says:

    Thanks! Blessings to you as well.

  8. TW says:

    Bravo on your statement on Tragedy in Tucson! Couldn’t have said it better — a voice of reason!

  9. LuMontyZ says:

    I found your blog quite by accident. I’m impressed by your posts and how you handle your guests. God Bless.

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