Friday Fun-ness

October 19, 2012

I usually reserve this spot for the whimsical, satirical, interesting or unusual. It’s election season now though, so the next few will probably lean political.

A friend posted this on Facebook with no commentary (though it certainly generated a lot) – suffice to say that this was funny when it came out, now it it hysterically funny. Or tragically comic. You decide.


A Quick Synopsis of Last Night’s Debate

October 4, 2012

Friday Fun-ness

September 21, 2012

Despite having a number of ideas on the back burner, I have been neglecting my blog lately in part due to the demands of my service as a schoolboard chair on top the normal husband/father duties and the day job. When I do have time for posting and discussion, I tend to gravitate toward Facebook discussions which are more immediate and interactive. Nonetheless, I couldn’t resist posting this given the increasing similarity between the current state of our country and the malaise of the ’70s under Jimmy Carter.

Friday Fun-ness

August 10, 2012

That moment when you realize the hope is gone and the change isn’t coming….

The Tax Man Cometh

August 1, 2012

I am not sure Barak Obama is the best person to be questioning Mitt Romney’s tax returns…


June 6, 2012

I am not sure why, but this:

Brought to mind this:

Friday Fun-ness

April 13, 2012

I always suspected that cats were French existentialists, which might be why they annoy me so much.