Friday Fun-ness

December 21, 2012

A lovely instumental version of What Child is This? by modern violinist Lindsey Stirling.


Friday Fun-ness

December 14, 2012

I post it every Christmas, but that’s because there really is no Christmas music like that sung by Nat King Cole.

Friday Fun-ness

December 8, 2012

A beautiful rendition of  O Come, Emmanuel by the Piano Guys.

Friday Fun-ness

December 16, 2011

This bit of Christmas cheer combines the fun of a flash-mob with the glory of Handel’s Messiah. What strikes me about the Messiah is how despite the richness of the music and the heights to which it soars, it remains eminently singable. In fact it has been performed someplace every year since it was first sung in 1742. It is both transcendent and approachable, much like Jesus, whom the song glorifies.

The greatest art is that in which we can all participate, and which persists.

Friday Fun-ness, Christmas editions

December 9, 2011

There appear to be two forms of Christmas music nowadays, that which is sung by mediocre singers whose offerings are a cynical last gasp in a dying career, and those whose performances fully inhabit the full grandeur and beauty of the Christmas story and season.

Andrea Bocelli would be the latter.