Friday Fun-ness

February 10, 2012

File this under ‘So absurdly sad it’s funny’.

This text-to-speech animation (which I don’t normally like, but this one is instructive) shows what it is like to try to start a small business in San Francisco. If you doubt it’s accuracy, please note this video was produced by the San Francisco planning department.

Another day, another way for the left to dash your dreams and aspirations.


Friday Fun-ness

June 3, 2011

With all the cheery economic news lately, I thought a little ditty in honor of the Obama economy was in order:

Bernanke Gets a Clue

April 27, 2010

In a Master of the Obvious moment, the Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is now telling the President’s debt commission that we need to close our “unsustainable fiscal gap” and that, “The path forward contains many difficult tradeoffs and choices, but postponing those choices and failing to put the nation’s finances on a sustainable long-run trajectory would ultimately do great damage to our economy,”.

 You don’t say? Where was this guy when we were passing Obamacare that we now know will only increase our current deficit?

 Perhaps we could start by repealing that?

 Where was he when we were passing the stimulus bill that we now know did nothing but substantially increase our debt?

 Bernanke is of course right about how the current congress and administration are bankrupting our country, he is just a little late to make a significant difference.