Friday Fun-ness

November 2, 2012

I’m going to miss him when he is gone:


Friday Fun-ness

October 19, 2012

I usually reserve this spot for the whimsical, satirical, interesting or unusual. It’s election season now though, so the next few will probably lean political.

A friend posted this on Facebook with no commentary (though it certainly generated a lot) – suffice to say that this was funny when it came out, now it it hysterically funny. Or tragically comic. You decide.


September 3, 2012

There is much ado about the Democrats response to the question, “Are we better off than we were four years ago?” It’s a dilemma for the Dems because if they say we are better off, then they seem oblivious to economic realities. If they admit we are not then they run the risk of being held responsible, which of course they should be.

Personally I expect them to do what they have been doing for the last four years, which is to just ignore the economy and try to distract voters with other issues like contraception and Mitt’s taxes. We’ll see how far this gets them this time.


Friday Fun-ness

August 10, 2012

That moment when you realize the hope is gone and the change isn’t coming….

Wisconsin Prognostications

June 5, 2012

Because Wisconsin is our next door neighbor, those of us in Minnesota are watching the Wisconsin recall election of Scott Walker with much anticipation. I know personally I am hoping Gov. Walker will prevail (and there are a lot of good reasons he should) but I thought on the morning of the election I would make a few predictions about the outcome:

  1. Scott Walker will win decisively.
  2. The White House will pretend that the election doesn’t matter, that it’s not a shot across the bow before November, that it has nothing to do with feelings about Obama and they weren’t that invested in the outcome anyway. So there.
  3. The radical left in Wisconsin will continue to protest in Wisconsin after their failed election, frustrated that democracy continues to prevail in their state.
  4. Wisconsin will go for Romney in November.