The Silliness of Atheists on Christmas

December 18, 2012

Personally I am rather indifferent to the imagined ‘War on Christmas’ and all that entails, in large part because I don’t believe Christians should focus so much energy on a single Holiday during the year, and partly because Christmas with all its materialism and stress has much bigger problems than atheists.

Nonetheless a recent effort by the American Atheists demonstrates that there is as much silliness coming from the atheists as anyone else on the issue. In an effort to promote atheism, the atheists have again erected a large billboard in Times Square contrasting Santa Claus with Jesus.

In many ways the billboard displays how ignorant they are of the culture they live in; while Santa Claus took his final form as a result of American advertising campaigns, he is firmly rooted in Christian history in the form of St. Nicholas, of which the name ‘Santa Claus’ is a derivative. Some atheists of course might point to pagan influences, but those influences are no less religious.

Attempting to retain the joy of Christmas and excise its religious content is in many ways typical of the nonsensical nature of Western atheism, which enjoys the culture, morality, prosperity and knowledge of the West while attempting to deny its overtly Christian origin. They assume that such things can exist apart from the content of Christianity, though there is no evidence of this whatsoever – culture comes from somewhere, and it’s roots are invariably spiritual.

It’s part of the reason why atheism at its root is ultimately the refuge of the ignorant. To be an atheist requires willfully ignoring history and to some extent the reality of the human condition.

Some may think this a harsh assessment, but they are the ones putting their ignorance on display on a large billboard in the middle of Times Square.


Merry Christmas All!

December 25, 2011

Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Break

December 21, 2010

I will be taking a ‘digital holiday’ the rest of the year to enjoy Christmas and the New Years with my lovely family. I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and celebrates it’s truest purpose. I will let Linus remind us all what that is: